A Leader in Our Midst
Andrea Hawkins selected to serve on national board

Congratulations to our very own Andrea Hawkins as a new member of the AWC National Board of Directors! As we know from her work in our chapter, Andrea will be a real asset to the national board.

Andrea is an eight-year member of our chapter, where she serves as Vice President for Finance. She plans to continue her involvement on our board for the upcoming year when she becomes co-chair for membership.

Andrea explains "My commitment to do whatever I can do to ensure the viability of AWC is my reason for wanting to serve on the national level. I am a committed professional with a forte for quality customer service, out-of-the box ideas, results-driven passion can-do attitude affirm that I can provide leadership to help an organization achieve its communications and business goals."

As marketing/public information manager for the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department, Andrea manages the public relations for six divisions within a 1,100-employee department. The department's marketing communications activities received the leisure services industry's state promotional award, a first in the department's history.

Andrea has a master of journalism degree from the University of North Texas.

"I am committed personally and professionally to AWC," Andrea adds. "My participation has enabled me to become a leader, something I never thought I could do. My years in a local leadership role have given me confidence to get involved in other areas of the organization."


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