Race a Success in More Ways Than One
By Jennifer Little

The 18th annual Komen Dallas Race for the Cure on October 21 was a huge success with more than 33,000 participants enjoying the festivities.

The Race received great television coverage including the incredible live broadcast on CBS 11. After the last participant crossed the finish line and the TV stations finished their live shots, the AWC volunteers breathed a sigh of relief, but the sigh was accompanied by an enormous smile. I'm not taking about a little smile where your mouth turns up. I'm talking about a huge smile that shows all the pearly whites! Not only was this a public relations job well done, it was an amazing and rewarding experience.

It didn't matter that we had to wake up at four o' clock in the morning Race Day. It didn't matter that we had Race meetings every week and devoted countless hours to assisting with PR efforts. What mattered was that there were women and men dressed in pink shirts and pink hats, signifying they were Survivors. Just before the start of the 5K, I randomly chose a Survivor to do a live interview with Fox 4 News.

Michelle had been participating in the Race for the Cure for the last 10 years. But this was the first year she was participating as a Survivor. Hearing Michelle's story not only brought tears to my eyes, but began my day of nothing but huge smiles.

Yes, we worked hard that day, but helping on a cause that can hit anybody at any time, is something I'd do time and time again.

I'd like to thank some key individuals involved in our pro bono work. Dawn Duplantier and Melissa Huffman were my partners in this project, and we could not have been successful in our efforts without both of you. Also, Cindy Bradford and Kim Sims were a huge help on Race Day and on assignments throughout the last five months.

More thanks to the AWC members who helped at various times in preparation for the big day - Kathleen Jun, Kim Wise, Kim Deary, Betty Prilliman, Andrea Hawkins and Pam Spoon. Thank you all for your time commitments and your willingness to volunteer.

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