Introducing the 2001-2002 Board Members for the Dallas Professional Chapter of AWC

Take a moment to introduce yourself, ask a question or just share your thoughts with our board members. All input will be considered confidential unless the comment is specifically targeted toward the entire membership.

Lisa Horn

Immediate Past President & Database Director
Sandra Lynn Pulley

President Elect & Freelance Alliance Co-Chair Cindy Bradford

VP Membership
Melissa Huffman

VP Organizational Development
Robin Rice

VP Programs
Paige Dawson

Job Bank
Betty Prilliman

Monthly Programs Chair
Kiele Cauble

Membership Research Chair
Beth Harbin

Linda L. Roswog

Advisory Board Liaison
Beth Harbin

Mentoring Chair
Carol Pearson

Marketing/Public Relations
Casey Bernard
Suzanne Moser

Phone Tree Chair
Kristi Meenan

Andrea Hawkins

Web Master
Pamela Kettle

Raffle Co-Chairs
Staci Gregg

Kim Sims

Newsletter Co-Chairs
Suzi Berman
D Media, Inc.

Melissa M. Klusmeyer

Promotional Products Association, Int'l

Lynn Halbardier

Promotional Products Association, Int'l

Fundraising Co-Chairs
Beth Curran Tipple
Susan Goldberg

Freelance Alliance Co-Chairs
Cindy Bradford
Carla McClanahan

Open positions

Historian Co-Chair

Marketing Co-Chairs

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